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Dermatological consultation in Milan

English-speaking Dermatologist in Milan

Dermatology Milan

Skin conditions can leave you feeling under-confident and uncomfortable, whether you suffer from acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, atypical nevi, ugly nevus or yet another challenging condition. I understand how hard it can be living with skin conditions and know what a big impact they can have on your life.

Working hard most of the hours of the day in last years, I have seen every kind of skin condition and I am armed with the experience and skills to solve those issues for you. Whether you’re unsure about a rash, plagued by acne, or sick of being itchy, I will diagnose and treat you effectively and with care. That’s how I will ensure you receive the best treatments – and the best results.

Dermatology is primarily an outpatient clinical and surgical specialty. With the advent of effective and more cosmetically acceptable creams, phototherapy and systemic medicine, the patterns of inpatient care are undergoing changes. Approximately 20% of the general population have skin diseases that are treated by local or systemic therapies.

The most frequent diagnostic groups are inflammatory conditions (eczematous diseases, contact dermatitis, stasis dermatitis, atopic dermatitis), skin tumours, infectious diseases (divided into fungal, bacterial and viral), drug reactions, systemic diseases. Regarding the treatments suggested by the consultations, about 17% of the requests required no treatment, 15% needed further investigation before beginning a specific treatment, 30% needed topical treatments, 40% required systemic treatments, few patients need to be transferred to a dermatology bed for closer monitoring and treatment.

The most common investigation include blood test, and skin biopsy.

Skin diseases are challenging; nothing is more rewarding than seeing my patients getting better.

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